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Emerging fuels pipelines

Few challenges are more important than maintaining an accessible and affordable supply of energy while reducing its environmental impact. ExxonMobil is playing a leading role in addressing this challenge by lessening the carbon footprint of its own operations while spearheading technologies that will produce lower-carbon fuels, such as hydrogen, and help carbon-intensive industries reach their net-zero emission targets through carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Working to make these goals a reality, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company is leveraging its logistical and pipeline expertise to develop plans for new networks of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Hydrogen (H2) pipelines. CO2 pipelines will transport captured carbon emissions to storage, helping sustain industries whose manufacturing processes produce large amounts of CO2. H2 pipelines will transport future supplies of the carbon-free fuel to industrial sites that have converted from other fuels to hydrogen.


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